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My Story

My name is Teretha Turner and I am the owner of Brow this Lash that. I am also a mother and wife. At a young age I used to be in the mirror for numerous hours and days practicing on my brows. Just trying to get the best brows possible. I often went to get my eyelashes done at a local nail shop. I realized that after the extension comes off I was left with hardly any of my own natural lash. My eyes use to always be irritated from the hair glue they used.

I know there had to be a better way to wear eyelash extensions without the pain, red-eye or the heavy weight. That is when I discovered the mink eyelash extension (the best thing ever). My First time getting the Mink eyelash extension, I was determined to find out how to do this technique and how does it work. It felt like was not wearing anything. My eyes were not burning or irritated at all. Although the process takes longer it was simply amazing. That is what made me go above and beyond to take the eyelash extension class.

I am very passionate about my work. It feels amazing to me to be able to enhance the beauty of others. From the Brows to the Lashes I am the person you can depend on. But what made me want to do microblading and microshading? Easy, I absolutely love to do my brows. There were time before when time was not on my side that I used to say “I wish my brows could stay like this” I did my research and wanted to find the best microblading instructor. That is how I came across Sierra Gates.

One of the best microblading artist out. Most people know her from love and hip hop Atlanta. So I joined the class microblading the Sierraway because I want my clients to be able to wake up to the perfect brow. She was very compassionate about her work. And at that point I knew I picked the right person to be my instructor.