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My name is Teretha Turner and I am the owner of Brow this Lash that. I am also wife. At a young age I used to be in the mirror for numerous hours and days practicing on my brows. Just trying to get the best brows possible.But we will get into that later. Now let me explain how I gain so much passion for eyelash extensions. I often went to get my eyelashes done at some of the local nail shops. However I wasn’t completely satisfied with the results. they were too thick and had entirely too much glue. I realized that after the extension comes off I was left with hardly any of my own natural lash.

I know there had to be a better way to wear eyelash extensions without the pain, red-eye or the heavy weight. That is when I discovered the mink eyelash extension (the best thing ever).

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I am very passionate about my work. It feels amazing to me to be able to enhance the beauty of others. From the Brows to the Lashes, I am the person you can depend on